Monday, January 30, 2012

Campus Climate and Culture

The purpose for my proposed action research project is to gauge how we are doing in terms of our campus climate and culture at our secondary campuses. There are several different areas that I am wanting to look into in terms of what we are doing to create a more positive learning environment for both students and teachers. With the PBIS initiative in place this year, I would like to take a look at the number of office referrals that have been received so far this year and compare that to last year. I would also like to evaluate the extra curriculum programs, events, etc that have been put in place for the purpose of creating a more positive environment. Lastly, I will conduct surveys and face-to-face interviews with students, teachers, and parents in order to get a true sense of how they feel about their campus climate and culture and (for those who have been here for more than one year) what changes have they seen.

The significance of this project will hopefully be felt by all stakeholders for both our high school and middle school campuses. After evaluating the data we can determine if we are truly creating the type of campus culture that is conducive to student achievement. I will have the opportunity to meet with the campus administrators after collecting the data and discuss with them the findings. My hope is that if changes need to be made, based off of student, teachers, and parent responses, they will be willing to take a deeper look it to ways in which we can create the type of campuses that we all want.

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