Friday, February 3, 2012

Action Research Details

Topic: How is our newly instituted PBIS affecting campus climate/culture?

Context: Community ISD's secondary campuses (1 High School and 1 Middle School)

Target Population: Administrators, Teachers, Para-professionals, Students, and Community Members

Selecting Sample: I will be creating surveys that will be made available to every secondary teacher and para, as well as every secondary student. I will conduct a panel study at the middle school and another at the high school (panels will be made up of 10 students per campus chosen at random from the student population). I will also use the venue of our "Community U" group (made up of parents and other community members) to get anonymous surveys from community members.

Rationale: I feel the more feedback we receive from as many stakeholders as possible, the better the feel we will have for our current campus climate.

Description of how: I will use anonymous online surveys for staff (using surveymonkey or something of the like) and hard copy papers surveys for the students to fill out (also anonymously). I was given permission from the superintendent to have teachers distribute the student surveys during the student's tutoring time (which is a built in 30 minute period each day). I was also given permission from the superintendent to survey a group of 25 parents and community members that meet together once a month to learn about Community ISD, this group is called "Community U". Another part of the evaluation process will be to take a look at the number of office referrals we had last year compared to this year.

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