Saturday, April 20, 2013

Action Research ::: Findings

Through the process of implementing some programs that focus on creating a more positive environment and a very important change in leadership, the campus climate at Community Middle School has changed drastically over the course of the time I have been doing this research.  I believe the best way to show the evidence of these changes is through an email that was sent to our superintendent from a parent.  This parent does not have any students at the middle school yet, but will at some point.  

Here is an excerpt from her email (names abbreviated to provide anonymity for students and staff):

“Prior to the beginning of this school year (2012/13) I can honestly say I was scared about T. & P. going to our JH as I did not hear anything positive.  I am an optimistic by heart and a parent that fully intends to be involved at each age level; however, it is unnerving to hear derogatory comments.  I can honestly say that has absolutely NOT been the case this year-I have heard nothing but praises, excitement and joy from JH parents.  It did my heart & soul so much good to walk the JH halls, meet Mr. T. and start to become familiar with the school and staff.  As you are fully aware, my “helicopter mom” took on a whole new meaning when T. was diagnosed with cancer; with that said I can honestly say I came home that Friday excited for T. (only one more year at MES)!  I shared with him all that I learned and told him how friendly & compassionate Mr. T., Ms. T. and all the staff we encountered were.  I was the ‘crazy mom’ that asked about “parent involvement” at the JH level and was so very thankful & blessed to hear Mr. T. and the Librarian say without hesitating that they absolutely welcome and want parent involvement!”

For me, know where this campus has come from and to know the place it has come to in less than one year is truly exciting. 

Here is some other data that I feel is very telling:

As you can see, 80-90% of the responses fall in the “agree” or “strongly agree” column.

This survey question and response shows me that we have 90%+ of our teachers who feel fulfilled in what they are doing.  I believe this is one of the huge keys to a healthy campus climate.

This data sheet shows that morale is high campus wide.  The columns for agree and strongly agree and by far the highest percentages with all but one being around the 90% range.  Morale being high is another key to a healthy campus climate.

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